Release: Josh Chenery Joins M&JP Team

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Raleigh native and commercial real estate veteran Josh Chenery is the newest member to join the Mikels & Jones Properties brokerage team.   As a Raleigh native, Josh is not new to the commercial real estate industry but a “seasoned” commercial real estate broker who is quite familiar in areas of local real estate business with a “experience under his belt” understanding of RE investment trends in the local and national markets.

Prior to his joining Mikels & Jones Properties, Josh had affiliations with Mid Atlantic Real Estate & Development, LLC & Investment Marketing & Management, Inc. where for more than a decade he developed expertise in land brokerage, leasing, and investment sales.

Please add Josh to your mailing lists and contact information:

Josh Chenery     3901 Barrett Drive,  Suite 102,  Raleigh, NC 27609

Office: 919.781.9998    Fax: 919.781.9797  Mobile:  919.868.9783 email                     

Follow Chenery on Twitter @jchenerync









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